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Medicare Supplements

Are you turning 65 or simply looking for a more affordable way to manage your healtchare costs?

Part D Prescriptions

Searching for the most affordable prescription plans?
Let us do the work for you! 

Dental, Vision and Hearing

Medicare overlooks your Dental/Vision/Hearing health.
You cannot afford to do the same. 
We can help!
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Understanding your Medicare choices

Watch the video to get a better understanding of how Original Medicare and Supplemental Plans work together.

Please contact us for a free quote on the various policies available for Medicare recipients now!
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  1. As self-employed individuals we were paying over $1000 dollars monthly for an Open Exchange Healthcare plan and we still had huge deductibles and co-pays. Thankfully we were both eligible for a Medicare Supplement. The team at Seniors Advocacy Group helped us get better coverage, no deductibles or co-pays and we can see any doctors we want. The best part is we are also saving over $800 monthly versus our old healthcare plan. Thank you Seniors Advocacy Group!
    Lillian T in VA.
  2. Thank you Seniors Advocacy Group! I was completely unaware of the gaps in the Advantage Plan I initially chose. You made it clear why a Medigap Plan and a Part D Plan made the most sense and you made the process of switching easy.
    Walter Leonard in SC.
  3. Dwayne showed me all of the top competitors for myself. After doing my research I relaized he was spot on with his recommendations. We took 5 minutes to enroll online and immediately after that I had a welcome email and temp card from Mutual of Omaha. Dwayne Mitchell and Seniors Advocacy Group were very professional. I will be sending all of my friends turning 65 to them.
    Paul Christian in GA.
  4. My husband and I are less than 90 days apart in age and we were both in Open Enrollment. After Dwayne explained the companies with the greatest household discount and no application fee it was easy to choose Mutual of Omaha. He also showed us how Plan G is the best overall plan in both cost and coverage.
    Jennifer Fields in NC.
  5. I was set on Plan F with UnitedHealthcare until Seniors Advocacy Group showed me how Plan G with another A Rated carried would give me all of the same coverage for much less. In my area Transamerica was the best choice and it only took 5 minutes and a voice conference call to set it up.
    Robert Herrera in NM.
  6. I thought I had done all of my research on Supplemental Plans but when Seniors Advocacy Group did a screen share and showed me exactly what they saw in my area I realized I had not made the best choice. They were able to help me cancel my other plan and immediately enroll with them...thanks Eric!
    Dave Erickson in TX.
  7. As a recent widow I was very concerned about making the right choice on my Medicare Supplement. I asked every question possible of Dwayne. He was patient and thorough and made sure I fully understood. Once I was sure that my questions had been answered we moved forward. Looking back it was the best choice I could have made. Thank you very much.
    Evelyn Weissman in MD.

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At Seniors Advocacy Group we work very hard every day to ensure we find the best plan for each client. Through our extensive list of providers we are able to meet the needs of each and every client. Our wide array of products and services will always allow us to find an affordable solutuion to your insurance needs. We want our clients to always have peace of mind.

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